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United States
American Boxer Club
Boomer Boxer Club (Oklahoma)
Sacramento Valley Boxer Club (California)
Michigan Boxer Club
Northwoods Boxer Club (Minnesota)
Greater St. Louis Boxer Club (Missouri)
Missouri Valley Boxer Club (Nebraska)
Boxer Club of Oklahoma
Spokane Boxer Club, Inc. (Washington)
Bluebonnet Boxer Club of Cypress Texas, Inc

Boxer Club of Louisiana
Heart of America Boxer Club (Kansas/Missouri)
Boxer Club of Arizona
East Bay Boxer Club
Oregon Boxer Club
Boxer Club Of Western New York

Boxer Klub in Muenchen (Munich)

Boxer Club of Canada
Alberta Boxer Club
Northern Ontario Boxer Club

Dogwood Boxer Club

Boxer Club of Western Ontario
Boxer Club of Western New York

Swedish Boxer Club
Swedish Boxer Club / Western Area
Swedish Boxer Club / Eastern Area
Swedish Boxer Club / Gavle-Dala Area
Swedish Boxer Club / Southern Area

Australia / New Zealand, Canada - Eastern, Central, Western, Europe, USA - Northeast, Northwest, North Central, Southwest, Southeast, South Central, EUROPE PORTUGAL , GREECE

Australia & New Zealand
Apex Boxers (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Camino Boxers (New Zealand)
Eischied Boxers (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Guntop Boxers (NSW Australia)
Hawkleigh Boxers (New South Wales, Australia)
Intrends Boxers (Australia)
Thasrite Kennels (Canberra)
Raevon Boxers (Australia and New Zealand)
Boxers Of Tyeanbo Manor (Australia)
Tatinger Boxers (Australia)

Canada (Eastern)
Lynbary Boxers (Quebec)
Roundwon Boxers (Nova Scotia)

Canada (Central)
BarkNBWild Boxers (Ontario)
Bellcrest Boxers (Ontario)
Celticrose Boxers (Ontario)
Chieftain Boxers (Ontario)
Jaegerhouse Boxers (Ontario)
Jordannas Boxers
Medousa Boxers (Manitoba)
Rasilon Boxers (Manitoba)
Rodlin Boxers (Ontario)
Shadowdale Boxers (Ontario)
Vantage Boxers (Ontario)
Vezben Boxers (Ontario)
Zephyr Boxers (Manitoba)
Britnick Kennels (Ontario)
Aracrest Boxers (Ontario)
Trimanor Boxers (Ontario)
Capecod Boxers (Ontario)
CinnRhee Boxers Reg'd

Canada (Western)
Zaracon Boxers (Saskatchewan)
Berlane Boxers
Bravo Boxers (Alberta)
Dauntae Boxers (British Columbia)
Murconner Boxers (British Columbia)
NuBYU Boxers (Alberta)
Summer Boxers (Alberta)
Tricker Boxers (Alberta)
Twosteppin Boxers (Alberta)
Boxjoy Boxers (BC)
SeaSchell Boxers (Alberta)

Mantle Boxers
Dorados Boxers Reg'd
Visichy Boxers 
Sundance Boxers (Alberta) 
HiTimes Boxers
Falcor Boxers (Alberta)
Bayridge Boxers (Saskatchewan)
Falconhurst Boxers (Alberta)
Camano Boxers (British Columbia)

Alcomar Boxers (Scotland)
Bucksteps Boxers (Cumbria)
Camsail Boxers Argyll ( Scotland)
Pervaneh Boxers (Birmingham)
ToryJo Boxers (West-Midlands)
Dunsailin Boxers (Gosport)
Chugiarnay Boxers (Essex)
Rupik Boxers
Strutlix Boxers
Boxken Boxers, South Wales
Merribox Boxers
Davnette Boxers
Dysart Boxers (Ireland)
Winuwuk Boxers (Gloucestershire)
Allsturns Boxers

Sleipnir Boxers

United States (Northeast)
Brown Family Boxers (Maryland)
Brush Hill Boxers (Massachuesetts)
Elytes Boxers (Connecticut)
Halcyon Boxers Connecticut
J. Dara's Boxers (Delaware)
MysticKennels (Pennsylvania)
Nastinan Boxers (New York)
RedDawn Boxers (Maryland)
Sarmeda Boxers (Maine)
Sweet Tea Boxers (New York)
Trefoil Boxers (Connecticut)
Windkist Boxers (Massachusetts)
Zephyr Boxers
Logan Elm Boxers (Ohio)
Fulco Boxers (Ohio)
Heart Acre Boxers (Ohio)
Karosel Boxers
Kanabec Boxers
StephLyn Boxers (Maryland)

United States (North Central)
Braveheart Boxers (Michigan)
Burlwood Boxers (Nebraska)
Cinema Boxers (Illinois)
Emerson Family Boxers (Kansas)
Flashpoint Boxers (Indiana)
Glory Boxers (Indiana)
Gold Medal Boxers (Indiana)
Hensberg Boxers (Illinois)
JayRbar Boxers (Kansas)
Josten Boxers (Missouri)
Kandiyohi Boxers (Minnesota)
LattaLane Boxers (Missouri)
Moonstruck Boxers (Indiana)
Paradise Boxers (Missouri)
Pentastar Boxers (Illinois)
Pineflats Boxers (Indiana)
ReyDon Boxers (Missouri)
Rynwards Boxers (Ohio)
Sojourn Boxers (Indiana)
Thanque Boxers (Missouri)
Bentbrook Boxers (Wisconsin)
Bavaria's Boxers (Illinois)
Orrkid Boxers (Nebraska)
Blackburn Boxers (Missouri)
TADD Boxers (Wisconsin)
Boblyns Boxers (Indiana)

United States (Northwest)
Draymia Boxers (Washington)
Icon Boxers (Washington)

Maya Boxers (Washington)
River Ridge Boxers (Washington)
Trifecta Boxers (Oregon)
Sanridge Boxers
Butler Boxers 
LRM Boxers
Moosewood Boxers (Alaska)
Copper Hill Boxers (Alaska)

Mi-T Boxers (Oregon)

United States (Southwest)
Barbary Lane Boxers (California)
Bix-L Boxers (California)
B.O.S.S. Boxers (California)
Ein-Von Boxers (California)
Encore Boxers (California)
Hi Master's Boxers (California)
JayLyn Boxers (California)
Tenebo Boxers (California)
Panzam! Boxers (California)
PawPrint Boxers (California)
R and G Boxers (Arizona)
Rosend Boxers (California)
Shadow River Boxers (Alabama)
Strawberry Boxers (Arizona)
TL Cadence Boxers (California)
Moon Valley Boxers (Arizona)
KamiKoNKini (California & Alabama)
Cayman Boxers California)
RNL Boxers
Vagabond Boxers
Legendary Boxers
Rajas Boxers
Sassy Boxers (California)
Carillon Boxers (Alabama)

United States (Southeast)
Brentwood Boxers (Florida)
Bullock's Boxers (Mississippi)
Chato Boxers (Georgia)
CherKei Boxers (Georgia) 
Cinnamon Boxers
Crysto Boxers (North Carolina)
Jovilea Boxers (Florida)
Marjack Boxers (Virginia)
MarPal Boxers (Alabama)
Minstrel Boxers (Virginia)
PRO Boxers (South Carolina)
Red Clay Boxers (Georgia)
Sateenkaari Boxers (South Carolina)
Semper Fi Boxers (Georgia)
Syrr Run Boxers (South Carolina)
Whirlwind Boxers (Georgia)
Normandy Boxers (North Carolina)
Shamrock Boxers (North Carolina)
Arriba Talisman
Jovilea Boxers (Florida)
Lar-San Boxers (Knoxville, TN)

Dajen Boxers (Florida)
Trimanor Boxers (Florida) 
Sue Tolbert 
Tokalon Boxers
Lustig Boxern

United States (South Central)

Carbara Boxers (Louisiana)
Delta Boxers (Louisiana)
Incognito Boxers (Texas)
Middlebrooks Family Boxers (Louisiana)
Rocky Top Boxers
Sarkel Boxers (Oklahoma)
Southgate Boxers (Arkansas)
SugarCreek Boxers (Texas)
Sunchase Boxers (Oklahoma)
TADD Boxers (Texas)
ViLaDa Boxers (Louisiana)
Virgo Boxers (Texas)
Dixie Boxers (Arkansas)
Celina Boxers (LaPorte, Tx.)
Wildhart Boxers (Louisiana
Har-Vel Boxers (Oklahoma)
Maxl Boxers (Oklahoma)
Braveheart Boxers (Texas)

Darvik Boxers
Breho Boxers (Louisiana)

Portuguese Boxers


del Gran Mogol Kennel
Allevamento di Teate

Mysslingens Kennel
Jipotima's Boxers (Stockholm, Sweden)

Boxerhaven Boxers (Hosle, Norway)

Street Boxers (Norway)

Boxmann Boxers (Vantaa, Finland)

Urkabustaiz Boxers (Vitoria, Spain)

Regal X Boxers (Xalapa, Veracruz)