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Boxer Characteristics

The Boxer’s desire for affection is his strongest trait. Boxers combine the outstanding virtues of many with the faults of few. His distinctive appearance, and keen intelligence is combined with an even temperament that you can trust. These virtues alone are priceless if he is to be part of a family - and he should be. For anyone young or old who wants an all round dog he has no equal.

The Boxer offers something to each person he meets and can warm the hearts of even those determined not to like him - astonishing but true.

The head imparts to the Boxer a unique individual stamp peculiar to him alone. One of the delightful qualities that sets the Boxer apart is the mobility of his expressive face. The skin furrowing of the forehead, the dark soulful eyes and sometimes almost human attempts to converse make his replacement by another breed difficult for one who has once owned a Boxer.

The Boxer alone combines the strength of the Bulldog and the agility of the Terrier. He can run, jump and frolic with the best. He fairly bubbles with cheerfulness and the joy of life. He will greet you as joyfully after an hour’s absence as he would were you gone a week. Yet he also loves a quiet evening by the fire.

The Boxer’s tolerance of children is equaled only by his love for them, yet he ranks among the greatest of protection dogs. His judgment is far more reliable than most and he has a natural talent for sensing serious situations. Boxers thrive on love and attention, giving their all in return.

Please remember that owning a dog is a privilege and a responsibility. It is up to us all to ensure that we don’t abuse this privilege lest it be denied us in the future. We must realize our responsibilities and not neglect them.

Every living thing has the God given right to expect the same love and care that you expect for yourself.

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